“Good Eats” at the Sedona Community Farmer’s Market

Best Western PLUS Inn of Sedona
“Good Eats” at the Sedona Community Farmer’s Market
Every Friday Morning through October 11th, 2013
By Lisa Peters

Sedona Farmers Market 2 Good Eats at the Sedona Community Farmers MarketUsually we center our “Good Eats” posts around a favorite local restaurant where you can enjoy a delicious meal at a good price, but last Friday I finally had the opportunity to check out the Sedona Community Farmer’s Market at the beautiful Tlaquepaque Arts and Crafts Village and decided that some of the best nutritious eats in town can be found there! Okay, so they may not have servers and chefs waiting on you hand and foot but they have some really great vendors who offer wonderful ingredients for you to make you own delicious dishes!

On my visit to the market I was pleasantly surprised with the variety of vendors providing everything from delicious greens to sauces. Of course I have my favorites! Sky Hi Sprouts ranks very high on my list. The sprouts and micro-greens are grown with organic seeds and soil, absolutely yummy! When I stopped by the gentlemen snipped off some sunflower sprouts for me to taste and that is all it took, I was hooked! I ended up buying a huge bag of sprouts and a few other greens. They have been a great addition to my salads, sandwiches and can stand on their own for a quick munch!

I also purchased breads, pasta sauce, salad greens, candles, and some very good hot sauce from some of the other vendors. All of which came in handy for my week with visiting family. The Mamma Letizia’s Spicy Italian Marinara Gravy was a huge hit in my special lasagna and I will be going back for more this Friday!

Whether you live in Sedona or are just visiting, the farmer’s market is a great way to check out the local flavor and grab some fresh produce and breads. If you are visiting Sedona and are staying at the Best Western PLUS Inn of Sedona their Complimentary “About Town” Sedona Shuttle will drop you off at the market and pick you up when you are ready to return to the hotel. And if you are worried about purchasing something that requires refrigeration, all of their rooms are equipped with a refrigerator.

The market takes place ever Friday morning from 8:00 am – 11:30 am every Friday until October 11th, 2013 in the creek-side parking lot of Tlaquepaque! Meet the local growers & taste the local flavor! Farm fresh fruits and vegetables, eggs, grass fed beef, goat products, tamales, breads and pastries, gluten free, vegan, hand-made chocolates, live music and much more! To see a full list of vendors or to learn more about the market please visit Sedona Community Farmer’s Market.


new shuttle Good Eats at the Sedona Community Farmers MarketDid you know that the Best Western PLUS Inn of Sedona offers a Complimentary “About Town” Sedona Shuttle Service? That’s right, if you are a guest of our Sedona hotel we’ll do the driving for you. We’ll take you anywhere within Sedona proper in our 12 passenger air conditioned van, then just call us and we’ll come back and pick you up! Our Shuttle service includes most popular Sedona hot spots including: Tlaquepaque Arts and Crafts Village, Mary D. Fisher Theatre (home of the Sedona International Film Festival), Uptown Sedona, Hillside Galleries, West Sedona dining and more! This free shuttle service is available to all our guests from 8:00 am until last pick up at 9:45 pm.

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