April Events at Red Rock State Park

Sedona, Arizona

2016 April Events and Hikes at Red Rock State Park

 Red Rock State Park

Are you ready for a fabulous April in the Red Rocks of Sedona, Red Rock State Park is! The park has a lot in store for you and your family this month! Native flute player Jesse Kalu is back by popular demand on April 3rd, a Star Party with the Astronomers of Verde Valley takes place on the 9th, and to top it all off there is a  guided moonlight hike on the 21st! The park also offers daily “Guided Nature Walks”, and Guided Bird Walks every Wednesday and Saturday!

Red Rock State Park – Guided Bird Walk
Every Wednesday and Saturday (8:00 am)HOME_653
Bird enthusiasts can join a naturalist for a “Guided Bird Walk”. Beginning as well as
advanced birders are welcome. Rangers recommend that visitors bring their own binoculars. A limited number are available for loan from the Park. No matter the time of day, visitors can check out the many birds who make Red Rock State Park their home. The bird-feeding area behind the visitor center, on the Hummingbird Patio, is an excellent spot to start your tour or to take pictures.For more information on this Sedona hike please visit Red Rock State Park.

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Special Musical Event – Native American Flute
“Echoes of Silence” featuring Jesse Kalu
April 3rd, 2016 (2:00 pm)
Jesse KaluBack by popular demand – Red Rock State Park is proud to host internationally recognized native flute player Jesse Kalu. Jesse’s intimate performance including questions and answers will last approximately 1 hour. This Heartfelt Presentation includes a unique mixture of bamboo flutes, poetry, story, and nature voices. Jesse’s presentations touch his audiences in unique ways. Each of his flutes has their own name and song. Emanating through his handcrafted flutes are the wildlife calls of doves, quails, loons, hawk, owl, seagulls, dolphins, whales, coyotes, wolf, elk and more. Jesse Kalu has been sharing his music throughout the world since 1994. Last month’s show was sold out because seating is limited so call quickly to reserve your spot at 928.282-6907. The reservation fee for this performance is $5.00 per person in addition to the Park’s regular admission fee of: $7.00 per adult (14 and up), $4.00 per youth (7 – 13). For more information please visit the Red Rock State Park website.

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Star Party at Red Rock State Park
April 9th, 2016 (7:00 pm)
RERO_StarParty2016Come out and enjoy the night skies with the Astronomers of Verde Valley and the Rangers of Red Rock State Park in Sedona. Starting with a presentation at 7:00 pm on current sky events and what’s “up” in the spring skies. Then star viewing from 8:00 pm to 10:00 pm. The galaxies of Virgo, Coma Berenices and Leo will be high in the sky. Ursa Major, the Big Dipper will be high in the sky as well offering galaxies, double stars and planetary nebulae. Jupiter and its Galilean Moons will be the planet of the spring constellations just below the galaxies of Leo the Lion. There will be a “Star Jar” craft project available for children during the presentation as well as space cookies, moon juice, and other complementary beverages. Attendance is limited and a $5.00 reservation fee per person prior to the event is required. Upon arrival usual entrance fees also apply: $7.00 per adult (14 and up), $4.00 per youth (7 – 13), and free for children (0 – 6). For additional information and reservations, please call 928.282-6907.

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Guided Geology Hike
April 10th, 2016 (1:00 pm)
The program is included with the park admission
Red Rock State ParkJoin Red Rock State Park’s knowledgeable volunteers as they venture out on their trails and discuss how Sedona transformed into what we see today. Red Rock State Park is located at the base of the Mogollon Rim, the southern edge of the Colorado Plateau. Over millions of years of erosion the rim has receded over four miles leaving behind the picturesque features of Sedona. This is an interpretive experience for both the beginner and experienced hiker, lasting between 2-2 ½ hours and an elevation gain of 250 feet. Please bring water and wear suitable footwear. For more information please visit Red Rock State Park.

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Bird Migration: An Amazing Journey
Featuring Dena Greenwood at Red Rock State Park
The program is included with the park admission fee
April 17th, 2016 (11:00 am)
Red Rock State ParkOf the more than 650 bird species that nest in North America, 75% engage in some kind of migration. Many birds make long journeys twice each year as they migrate between their winter and summer homes. How do they know to which way to fly? How do they navigate the long distances? How do birds return to the same breeding grounds where they hatched the year before? Dena Greenwood – bird biologist/naturalist, will discuss all these and many more questions about migration. Dena Greenwood began her birding adventures 25 years ago as an Arizona State Park’s ranger leading bird walks and developing bird guides for several State Parks. She received her graduate degree in environmental biology with an emphasis in ornithology, botany and geology. For more information please visit Red Rock State Park. Seating is limited so call ahead to reserve your seat 928.282-6907.

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Guided Archaeology Hike
April 17th, 2016 (1:00 pm)
The program is included with the park admission
RERO_ArchHikeRed Rock State Park has been a destination for Native Americans for several millennia. Most of the ancient features found in the park are from the Sinagua culture dating about 1100 to 1425 AD. Come and hear the fascinating story of the pre-Columbian people who lived and traveled in the park! The hike will identify the various archaeological features and interpret them into the wider context of important regional Sinagua sites. Explore ideas of other cultures that may likely have made use of the park’s resources. The hike will last about two hours, with an elevation gain of some 250 feet, along easy trails. Please bring water and wear suitable footwear. For more information please visit Red Rock State Park.

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Guided Sedona Moonlight Hike
April 21st, 2016 (5:30 pm)
Reservation fee $5 plus park admission fee (see below)
Moonlight hikeThe Moonlight Hike is among the most popular interpretive hike at Red Rock State Park. Led by a naturalist, it gives hikers the rare opportunity to enjoy the sunset and moon rise from an overlook and return by the light of the moon, while also having the chance to learn about Sedona and its surrounding areas. Verde Valley and park history, as well as archaeology, geology, botany, and riparian wildlife information, is also offered by a knowledgeable guide. The hike lasts two to 2 1/2 hours and covers a distance of approximately two miles. A $5.00 reservation fee is required as well as an entry fee upon arrival ($7.00 per adult (14 and up) $4.00 per youth (7 – 13), and free for children (0 – 6)). Rangers ask hikers to please arrive approximately 30 minutes before the starting time to insure participation. Program fees are non-refundable unless the park must cancel the hike after your arrival. Wear suitable clothing, shoes (prepare for cool nights) bring water, and a flashlight. Call 928.282.6907 to reserve your spot. Visit the Red Rock State Park website.

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Daily Nature Walk
Nature walksEvery Day at 10:00 am
you can join a naturalist for a guided nature walk of one and a half to two hours. You will be introduced to the riparian ecosystem of Oak Creek and other aspects of the Park. Some of the subjects that may be discussed include plants, wildlife, geology, history, and archaeology. For more information on this Sedona hike please visit Red Rock State Park.

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