Finding your Inner Artist in Sedona, Arizona

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Finding your inner Artist in Sedona, Arizona
Lisa Peters – Sedona Arizona Vacations

For many years artists have flocked to Sedona to capture the beauty, inspiration and energy of the red rocks. There are galleries, specialty shops and exhibits throughout Sedona and the Verde Valley that cover a broad range of mediums, styles, textures and creativity of these artists to view, buy, admire or even to serve as a inspiration to your own creativity. That is exactly what happened to me.

You do not have to be a master of the arts to enjoy the spiritual stirrings and satisfactions of creating your own art. I do not mean art to hang in a gallery, or sell in a show, but art you create just for you.

One day when I was visiting Sedona I happened upon a gallery and was so inspired by some of the “plein air” being exhibited from the “plein air” festival in Sedona last year that I decided to take a journey into the Sedona red rocks, sketch pad in hand, to see what my spirit would create. Now being someone who has only worked with pottery, I was definitely approaching this adventure with a lot of heart and little knowledge. I ended up going to Bell Rock Pathway It has always been one of my favorite places in Sedona to hike, and it offers great views of the red rocks and has some cool desert flora.

So there I sat with my sketchpad and colored pencils. It took me a few moments to get inspired and find an image that stirred me. Of all things it was a very old tree with gnarly branches. I thought for sure I would sketch the Sedona red rocks, but one never knows about these things. The serenity and peace that surrounded me as I sketched was overwhelming and even though my finished drawing was somewhat abstract, will not hang in any galleries or sell for thousands to adoring fans, it has become priceless to me and hangs on my wall to this day. So, the next time you vacation in Sedona, give it a try. Pick one of your favorite places in Sedona, a place where you find peace and relaxation, and explore the artist inside. I can guarantee you will enjoy yourself and if you are on vacation with your children, this would be a fun experience to share with them and the memory of all of you creating something together will last a lifetime.

 Tips: (I wish I would have thought of some of these before my adventure!)

  •  Bring bottled water and stay hydrated
  •  Wear appropriate and comfortable clothing and shoes
  •  Bring a camera; you might see something you want to refer to later
  •  Bring a snack; time has a way of moving quickly when you are engrossed in your drawing
  •  Make sure to bring some back up materials just in case, it is very hard to sharpen a pencil with a rock if your tip breaks!

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