Back to School with Chef Christopher Dobrowolski

July 2013 Schoolhouse Journals
Sushi, Salmon and of course Twinkies!
By Chef Christopher Dobrowolski

First let me introduce myself and thank you for reading these journals.I am Chris Dobrowolski with Schoolhouse Restaurant. Welcome to our wonderful world of food and to our monthly passions blog. Schoolhouse was recently asked by the Best Western PLUS Inn of Sedona to contribute articles about our passions of the month and we humbly accepted this incredible opportunity. The problem is that everyone in our restaurant is passionate about something, from providing great service to what salt to put on what types of meat. So this month we are going to be tapping into what has been spoken about most in recent days.

The subject this month is “Common Food Misconceptions; Part 1”
(There are an infinite number, but you have to start somewhere)

Let us begin with one that affects us daily at Schoolhouse, the word “Sushi”. What we think about Sushi is all over the place in our new culinary world, but many people still think it means “Raw Fish”. This is absolutely false in every sense. The word “Sushi” actually means “Sour Rice” and refers to the vinegard rice it is rolled with, so there are endless possibilities that can all be called “Sushi”. Another common misunderstanding is that Sushi can only be rolled with “Nori” which is roasted kelp or seaweed. There are actually Sushi sheets that are made from 100% organic soy bean, which is what we use for our sushi rolls at Schoolhouse. Hopefully that clears things up a bit about this incredibly broad culinary term.

The next misconception is “All fish is good for you”; wroooooong answer kids! Not all fish is good for you and not all fish is recognized by your body as fish. Let me explain a bit, most people think salmon is great and it is readily available to us, right? Wrong. Farm raised salmon is one of the leading high mercury content fish on the planet. This is due mostly to overcrowded nets and fish farms. Real salmon, that is great for you, is generally caught from mid-May through June. There are some countries that do a great job with open water farms, (Like Tasmania) which is encouraging. Here is another bit of information about salmon, your body does not recognize salmon as fish and actually processes it as if it were red meat, weird right? I wish I could tell you more about this, but this blog needs to be relatively brief, so I recommend doing a little research before selecting which fish you put in your body. One rule of thumb, if it isn’t fresh, don’t eat it.

Here is one last silly one for the day. I pulled this off the net. Twinkies have just been released back onto the market, July 2013. Most of the world knows that late last year Hostess stopped production due to financial issues. We as Americans are actually starting to care about what we are eating! (tear rolls down my face because I am so proud…) Don’t get me wrong, those soft little angel pillows are amazing, but use moderation! They shouldn’t be eaten by the dozen. Now that Walmart owns the rights to the recipe we all can be assured they will be around forever. Back to the facts, Twinkies do NOT have an infinite shelf life; they are only good for about 45 days. The original recipe (before GMO) lasted 15-25 days. Believe it or not, most Twinkies are sold and consumed within 7-10 days of being baked to golden perfection and the world consumes 500 million a year.

Well, I need to get back to what we do best at Schoolhouse Restaurant, serve our community great tasting healthy options for a long and healthy life. Thank you for joining us, we’ll look forward to next month.

Best Regards, Owner Christopher Dobrowolski of Schoolhouse Restaurant, Cottonwood, AZ

Diver Scallops served nightly at Schoolhouse.. Diver Scallops are hand picked off reef by divers weird right? This method is far better for sustainability… Love your food, planet and yourself..


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