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Pink Jeep Tours – Ancient Ruins Tour

By Lisa Peters

I have been on many jeep tours in Sedona, Arizona; my favorite had always been the Broken Arrow Tour at Pink Jeep Tours. I now have a new all time favorite, while the Broken Arrow Tour is still in my top two; Pink Jeep’s Ancient Ruins Tour has taken the #1 spot!

A few weeks ago my niece Sara came to visit. I happen to love history and wanted to share my love for Native American history of the Verde River Valley with her. Joan, the concierge at the Inn of Sedona, had this in mind when she suggested the Ancient Ruins Tour! I have never had the chance to explore the Honanki Heritage Site. (A 700 year old Sinaguan cliff dwelling) and thought this would be the perfect opportunity.

Our wonderful guide, (I so wish I could remember his name), from Pink Jeep picked up my party of 3 at the Inn of Sedona and to my surprise we had the luck of being the only ones booked for the tour. Our guide impressed us from the very beginning! He was very friendly and on our way to Honanki he filled us in on some of his favorite Sedona hikes, the different rock formations we were passing, and other great places to visit in Northern Arizona. He was a great conversationalist which made our tour even more enjoyable.

The tour does not take you right up to the site; you have to take a moderate 3/4 mile walk to the cliff dwelling. There is a little bit of a climb, but none of us found it taxing. I have to say, during the walk to the dwelling our guide shared a lot of great information about the topography and wildlife of the area, more than I have gotten during any other Sedona tour. We learned about the different cacti, the truth about Mistletoe, how the cliffs were formed and more. We also learned about the different types of Rattlesnakes in Arizona, as well as our bobcats, wolf spiders, coyotes and other desert wildlife. It was really cool!

When we reached the Honanki Heritage Site we were truly blown away! You could feel the history and culture with every step we took. This cliff dwelling and rock art site is in my opinion one of the most interesting sites in Arizona. Our guide did a great job taking us back in time and helping us to imagine what life must have been like when the Sinaguan people occupied this area. He filled us in on the customs as well as some of the myths and legends of these native people. He pointed out different rock art as we explored the dwelling and gave his best interpretation of their meaning. On our way back to the Jeep we had some great discussions about what we had just experienced and learned even more about the history of the area.

On the way back to the hotel, the sun went down and the temperature dropped quickly. Before you know it our guide pulled out blankets to keep us warm. When I mentioned that I was thirsty he pulled over and handed out cups of water to all of us. Now that is customer service!

I highly recommend this tour to anyone visiting Sedona, you will not be disappointed! See all of our pictures from Pink Jeep’s Ancient Ruins Tour here.


Sedona Jeep Tours are the most popular activity for visitors to the red rock country. Everyone who visits Sedona has already heard a thing or two about the Pink Jeep Tours before they even get here. Without a doubt, the Broken Arrow Tour is the most popular jeep excursion that takes you off to explore the magnificent red rocks of Sedona! But did you know Pink Jeep also offers a tour to the Grand Canyon! And guess what? Our Sedona hotel has packages with both tours to help save you money on your Sedona vacation.For more information please visit the Best Western Plus Inn of Sedona Vacation Packages.


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