“Good Eats” at Grapes Restaurant & Bar in Jerome, Arizona

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“Good Eats” at Grapes Restaurant & Bar
By: Liz

We recently visited Grapes, a small restaurant in the heart of Jerome. It continues to be one of our favorite spots for good food, a great wine selection, and fun service.

Let me start off by saying my personal favorite from their menu is, and always will be, the Zinburger. I’ve tried a lot of the other choices, this time I actually went with their evening special, but no matter how good the other items are, I LOVE the Zinburger! Now that you are aware of my prejudice I’ll give you the rest of the scoop.

Out of the four of us, two had the aforementioned burger, one had an entrée salad and I had the special which was Chicken and Pasta. Let’s start with the Zinburger. This is a big burger that’s finished with Zinfandel wine and served with spicy mayo and your choice of homemade chips or coleslaw. The combination of wine and mayo make it a rich juicy sandwich that everyone that I know loves. The chips are ok, but honestly a little greasy. I hardly have room for chips anyway, so it doesn’t bother me.

The Entrée Salad, I believe it was the Mediterranean with the addition of chicken. The Salad was plenty big and  loaded with chicken. My friend Ginger eats gluten free, so I always worry that she gets something good when we go out to eat. She sure seemed to enjoy her salad! She especially enjoyed the dressing and commented that the chicken was very tender.

I ordered the special, and it was indeed special! The protein was layered chicken breasts, mushrooms, spinach, basil and a delicious sauce. Yes I said layered chicken breasts, there were two with all the other goodies sandwiched between them. The pasta was tossed in the same yummy sauce and served on the side. I took one look and thought “no way can I eat all that!” but guess what… I finished it! It was that good.

We have visited Grapes many times, and we will be back many more. If the weather is nice they have a postage stamp sized patio that’s a perfect spot to sit and have a glass of wine and watch the people go by. I wouldn’t recommend a big meal out there, the tables are small.

Finally, Grapes is named for its wine list so I better not forget to mention it. I have to say that I can always find something interesting to try. A nice Sauvignon Blanc was my choice for that night, and it was perfect. They also offer “Wine Dinner Special Events“.

Directions from the Best Western PLUS Inn of Sedona to Grapes

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