2014 Heritage Festivals at the Museum of Northern Arizona

Museum of Northern Arizona
2014 Heritage Program Festivals

The Museum of Northern Arizona,  offers a balance of ancient and modern cultural presentations, performances, and activities― providing visitors a deeper insight into the Hopi, Navajo, Zuni, and Hispanic cultures living on the Colorado Plateau and in the Four Corners region.

Throughout the year the Museum offers exciting Heritage Program Festivals the will immerse you into and most of all, give you a better sense of each featured culture. Below you will find the 4 festivals scheduled for this year; I personally have attended all of these festivals every year and have truly enjoyed the environment and activities and have learned something new every time. There is not one Heritage Festival I would pick over the other however I will say that the Annual Navajo Festival of Arts and Culture seems to be a favorite among my friends.

23rd Annual Zuni Festival of Arts and Culture
May 24th – 25th, 2014
The A:shiwi or Zuni people, share Zuni language, lifeways, traditional music, and dances. Artists, performers and educators travel from Zuni, New Mexico, an integral part of the cultural landscape of the Colorado Plateau, to share their art and culture. Enjoy the Nawetsa Family Dancers who perform traditional Zuni dances, and music from the Zuni Pueblo Band. Learn about the importance of art and cultural place-names in the perpetuation of traditional identity. Meet and buy directly from Zuni artists and demonstrators. This event is created in partnership with the A:shiwi A:wan Museum and Heritage Center in Zuni, New Mexico.

80th Annual Hopi Festival of Arts and Culture
July 5th – 6th, 2014
Hopi Festival 2A Fourth of July tradition since the 1930s, award-winning Hopi artists from the twelve Hopi villages bring the mesas to Flagstaff. Add map of Hopi The unique work of carvers, painters, jewelers, potters, quilters, and basket and textile weavers fill the more than 65 artists’ booths. Enjoy cultural presentations, storytelling, music, and dances that fill the Museum grounds during the Fourth of July weekend. Taste Hopi bread and piki baked outside in ovens. Watch Hopi pottery being shaped, painted, and traditionally fired. Walk the Museum’s Rio de Flag Nature Trail with a Hopi medicine woman. Learn about Hopi clans and clan migration, and how the tribe is working to preserve language and agricultural traditions.

64th Annual Navajo Festival of Arts and Culture
August 2nd – 3rd, 2014
Weavers and potters work side by side with jewelers and filmmakers during this colorful and exciting summer festival. More than 100 of the finest Diné artists display and demonstrate their innovative expressions of traditional art forms. Meet award winning painters and renowned weavers. Enjoy hoop and social dances, and traditional and modern Native music with the Pollen Trail Dancers and Blackfire. Learn from cultural experts about customs and practices families are using to keep traditions strong. Explore the tribe’s intricate language with a Navajo linguist, and come to understand many ancient legends and traditions. Hike with a Navajo ethnobotanist and learn the Diné uses of local plant life.

10th Annual Celebraciones de la Gente :: A Lively Celebration of the Day of the Dead
October 25th – 26th, 2014
The Museum comes to life for Dia de los Muertos or Day of the Dead, an ancient Mesoamerican holiday held throughout Mexico, Latin America, and the Southwest. More than a dozen Flagstaff families create ofrendas (altars) to display in the Museum’s courtyard. Learn about Day of the Dead traditions and the role of Hispanics in northern Arizona’s history. Enjoy mariachi music, arts, and storytelling. Learn about migration and the blending of cultural traditions. A celebration of all people of Latino and Hispanic origin, this festival is a colorful and vibrant expression of community. It is created in partnership with Nuestras Raices, an organization of Flagstaff Hispanic pioneers.

The Museum of Northern Arizona is located at 3101 North Fort Valley Road in Flagstaff, Arizona. To learn more about the Heritage Program Festival or to learn more about the museum please visit the Museum of Northern Arizona.

Please note that the most popular route to the Museum from Sedona, Arizona is usually Highway 89A. Due to construction taking place  on Highway 89A this summer, you might run into some delays. A full closure of SR 89A through the switchbacks, which have steep grades with little to no shoulders, will be necessary for up to five weeks following the Memorial Day holiday and prior to the July 4 holiday (May 27-July 2). for updated information please visit http://azdot.gov/SR89A. Below you will find and alternative route using I17. 

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