A Personal Look at Out of Africa Wildlife Park

A Visit to Out of Africa Wildlife Park in Camp Verde, AZ

By: Lisa Peters

Out of Africa Wildlife ParkIt has been a while since I have been able to visit Out of Africa Wildlife Park, my favorite place in the known Universe! Work, life and weather have seemed to interfere with all of my plans for a visit this year. Last weekend I decided I had waited long enough. I had to return to see Pilgrim and give him a treat! I was more than ready to see the beautiful white tiger Chalet who always seems to be sunning and ready for photo ops, and lucky for me Chalet was the featured tiger that day in “Tiger Splash”! I mean really, could it get any better! Yes, yes it can! The new baby grizzly bear Sycamore was playful and fun to watch at the “Wonders of Wildlife” Show and I was able to meet Jericho, the very handsome white rhino!

I have come to expect wonderful experiences at the park, and I have yet to be disappointed. It seems like every time I have visited, there has always been a special experience waiting for me. I can still remember the very first time I witnessed “Tiger Splash”, the first time I came across the beloved Boom Boom, getting over my snake fear at the Giant Snake Show and my first Giraffe kiss! Now I get to add meeting Jericho to the list!

On a day that was already fantastic, I was treated to an extra surprise, Jericho! Now most of you that know me or have read anything I have ever written about Out of Africa know that I had a bond with the wonderful, remarkable, powerful rhino, Boom Boom. He was a favorite of everyone that visited the park. It was a very sad day when his spirit passed, and for me personally it was especially rough. I knew that it would be hard for me to visit the park and to see a new rhino in Boom Boom’s enclosure. Then I realized how selfish and a bit silly of me, I love all the animals at the park, even the ones that freak me out a little (like the hyenas). And I knew the White Rhino Jericho was there now. I really did want to meet him, and that I did, in a big way! I was fortunate enough to be allowed to get really close to this handsome creature, and no, he wasn’t Boom Boom, he had a personality all his own, and he too stole a little piece of my heart! Really a remarkable experience and I can’t thank the wonderful staff enough (especially Courtney and Ashton for making this encounter happen)!

So family, friends and visitors to Sedona and the Verde Valley area, this is why I go on and on about Out of Africa Wildlife Park! It is a great place for families, couples and individuals to visit. I would be very surprised if you had a bad day there. I mean, wildlife will be wildlife, there are days you visit and not all the lions, tigers and bears will choose to be seen. But for the most part you will see many of them, you will hear Lazarus roar, and see the tigers play, and Chalet will almost without a doubt be sunning and ready for you and your camera… and let’s not forget Jericho! So please, trust me on this, if you have not been yet, or it has been a while since you visited the park, GO! It is so worth it!

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Out of Africa Adventure Package

  • Out of Africa wildlife ParkOne night stay in a Two-Queen Room on the second floor with direct access to the Promenade Terrace. For more details or to upgrade your room, please contact us directly.
  • Two adult tickets to Out of Africa Wildlife Park (please call us to add children or extra adults).
  • General Admission Includes: African Bush Safari, The Wildlife Preserve, Tiger Splash, The Wonders of Wildlife Show, The Giant Snake Show, Predator Feed
  • Additional nights available at prevailing rates without amenities of the package
  • This packages must be booked seven days in advance; cancellations must be made 72 hours before your scheduled check-in time (4:00 pm) to avoid a charge equal to one-night’s stay. To book this package and inquire about further discounts on additional nights, please contact the hotel directly at 928.282.3072 or email: stay@innofsedona.com
  • Out of Africa Wildlife park is about a 40 minute drive from Sedona, see map here.
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