Scientific Vortex Tours & Talks

by Pete A. Sanders Jr.
M.I.T. Honors Graduate in BioMedical Chemistry and Brain Science

Mr. Sanders conducts Major National Retreats in Sedona twice a year (in February and June or July). These offer the best and most complete instruction about tapping Sedona’s vortexes for enhanced meditation and spiritual skills. For seekers who can not be in Sedona during those months he offers three additional vortex training options.

Vortex Tours

(Two and one half to three hours, $75/person [Couples $125 if with other participants])
(Available Year Round)

This option features three facets:

  • How to identify each of the different types of vortexes
  • What spiritual Skills are enhanced in various sites
  • Keys to tapping the deeper dimensions of the Soul and enhanced mind/body healing abilities.
  • 30 to 45 minutes of pre-meditation instruction

Travel to two of Sedona’s vortex areas. All of the Vortexes and related inspirational areas are located on the Cocomino National Forest (or reachable by travel through it) and commercial access to them is controlled by the Forest Service. Mr. Sanders is a fully permitted Hiking Guide. As such he can lead tour participants (in their own vehicles) to designated parking places and hike with them to selected meditation sites.

Guided Reflections in enhanced energy locations. Participants will be instructed in how to best tap the two locations for the contemplation, problem solving, or spiritual skills that they are most interested in.


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