Sedona Entertainment: Zenprov Comedy’s “The Alien Monologues”

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Zenprov Comedy Presents: “The Alien Monologues”

March 21st, 2015

AliensPosterWhen you look into the sky are you searching for UFO’s, or maybe you stay up late watching reruns of the original Star Trek dreaming your were on the enterprise exploring the galaxy, or maybe just maybe you are an alien yourself! Well if this describes you and/or your friends then you do not want to miss “The Alien Monologues” presented by Zenprov Comedy taking place at the Mary D. Fisher Theatre on Saturday March 21st, 2015!

“On Saturday night, we are going to transform, transmute, and transmogrify the Mary Fisher Theater into ‘The Mother-ship of Sci-fi Comedy,’” said Derek Dujardin, director of Zenprov Comedy. According to Dujardin, the troupe has added a game that has one actor reading lines from an original “Star Trek” TV show script while other actors must improvise and justify what is said to make the scene make sense in a totally different context, such as a job interview or working at Starbucks. Another game includes organic scenes inspired by random lines of poetry written by the late, great Lenorad Nimoy. Also, on menu will be a glimpse into the future as first four humans take a one-way-trip to Mars on Mars One in 2024. What will happen when they land there? The audience will decide.

Tickets for this one-night-only outrageous night of laughter are only $12 if purchased in advance or $15 the day of the show! The ZenPov Comedy Show are known to sell out quickly, we highly suggest purchasing tickets as soon as possible. For more information or to purchase tickets please visit

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