Sedona Segway Tours

Sedona Segway Tours are offered year round.

Sedona’s history dates back 350 million years when the beautiful red rock formation were created. 1000 years ago the Sinagua Indians first settled this mystical place. For the past 150 years cowboys and stargazers have been stiring around Sedona raising fruit and causing trouble in the wild west. Todays modern visitors can zip all over Sedona on new age gliding machines called Segways. Join in the history and fun of Sedona as AOW introduces the amazing Segway to Red Rock Country.

Sedona recently finished its green/red bike path trail system linking Uptown, Tlaquepaque, Hillside, West Sedona and the Village of Oak Creek. These beautiful wide pathways are the foundation of our tours and create a safe travel zone for you. Other routes we will travel involve city streets and dirt trails.

Tours depart by reservation and walk up space available all day. Please call or stop by the office.

Early Bird Special

Book your tour between 7:00am and 8:30 and SAVE $10.00. The days get hot in the Sedona summer sun so preserve your walet and body in the cool morning hours.

AOW Office 441 Forest rd. Uptown Sedona, AZ . The view alone from our office is worth the visit.

Jordan Road Tour

See the sites in and around Sedona’s main tourist district. This short 1 hour loop includes the neighborhood streets of Uptown, Jordan road and the Sedona Heritage Park. The Segway is an eyecatcher so be prepared to be stared at on this popular tour route.

Uptown, Tlaquepaque and Oak Creek Park Tour

Looking for a longer adventure? This tour includes the Jordan road tour and adds a trip, down hill, to the Tlaquepaque arts and crafts village and Los Abrigados park. Tour and window shop on the coble stone streets of this quaint market place along Oak Creek.

Chapel of the Holy Cross Adventure Tour

One of Sedona’s top spots this amazing chapel was built directly in and on the Red Rock of Sedona. Our longest tour this route gets you up close and personal with the red rocks of Sedona and great photo oportunities abound. Your adventure will travel the Sedona bike path through the Oak Creek Valley. Beautful homes and neighborhoods along with spectacular vistas of the enitire area are visible through out. The tour departs the bike path and heads up city streets to the Chapel of the Holy Cross. We will stop long enough for you to visit the chapel and see this awsome location.

Twilight Glide Ride Tour

Choose any of our tour routes and experience them in the beautiful evening hours. The sunsets in Sedona are second to none. Guests are more likely to encounter the wild Havelina and other wildlife at this time of the day. Not to mention the cooler temperatures can’t be beat. Our Segways are equiped with L.E.D. lights should your adventure continue past dark.

Add a little romance with a Red Rose for your special someone, ($5.00).

Vortex Tour

Vortex tours are led by our mystical guide TAZ “the whip cracker”. Taz’s abilities transend that of ordinary man. You will witness these skills as Taz guides you to the center of the Vortex and leads you through a balancing ceremony with Indigeonous and New Age perspectives. Be careful though, one wrong move on that Segway and you might find yourself transported to our Garden of the Gods Segway Tour in Colorado Springs.

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