Star Party in Sedona, AZ

Red Rock State Park

Enjoy a star filled night at Red Rock State Park’s “Star Party”

August 27th, 2016


If love gazing in to the beautiful night sky and are going to be visiting the red rocks of Sedona, AZ on August 27th, you will not want to miss the Star Party at Red Rock State Park! Sedona has been accredited as the 8th International Dark Sky City in the World! Our stars shine brightly in the night sky and astronomers and star gazers flock to Sedona every year to relax, unwind, discover and dream under a blanket of stars. Don’t miss your opportunity to learn more about the universe and enjoy a very special evening of stargazing!

Star Party at Red Rock State Park
August 27th, 2016 (7:30 pm)
Come out and enjoy the night skies at Red Rock State Park with the Astronomers of Verde Valley. The Star Party begins with an introductory presentation on the celestial happenings in the late summer skies. The Summer Milky Way rides high in the sky with its plethora of clusters, globulars, nebulae and stellar clouds. Planetary nebulae (exploded stars) dot the sky thru the stream of stars in the Milky Way. Constellations like Cygnus the Swan, Sagittarius the Archer and Scorpius the Scorpion will join the smaller constellations of Delphinus the Dolphin, Sagitta the Arrow, Vulpecula the Fox and Lyra the Harp. The Red Planet, Mars, will be at the edge of Scorpius as Saturn rides above in the 13th Zodiacal constellation of Ophiuchus. This program will require a $5.00 reservation fee per person prior to the event in addition to the park’s admission fees. For additional information and reservations for this Sedona event please call 928.282.6907 or visit Red Rock State Park.

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