Summer Hiking in Sedona, AZ

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Tips for our guests, and their dogs, for Summer Hiking in the red rocks!

TrixieThe summer heat is moving into the red rocks of Sedona, Arizona and you will want to make sure to take certain precautions if you go out exploring, especially if you hike with your dog. Even though we are at a higher elevation than Phoenix we still get hot. Afternoon temperatures can get up into the high 90’s and occasional 100s, this is the dessert after all! With that in mind we wanted to share with you some tips we have learned from our own experiences and our guests’ over the years. Please, take our tips seriously, especially about your beloved dogs, they rely on you to keep them safe. And if you are reading this and have some more helpful hints please share them with us so that we can pass them on. We have also found some great advice here

Tips for Summer hiking in Sedona (Humans and Pets)

  • Hiking SedonaAvoid hiking during the heat of the day
    During the summer months we highly suggest keeping your hikes restricted to the early morning. Remember this great rule of thumb, if you are hiking with your dog place your hand on the trail surface, especially if it is red rocks. If it is hot to the touch, it is too hot for paws! There are protective ‘booties’ available for dogs, if yours is willing to wear them. If they aren’t willing just be aware of the surface you’re walking on, black top especially. One of our favorite early morning hikes is West Fork Trail, it provides a lot of shade and remains very cool. Dogs are permitted on this trail provided they remain on a leash. We also highly suggest getting in contact with the friendly folks at The Hike House. They have a wealth of knowledge about hiking in Sedona. You can visit their website by clicking here!
  • Bring plenty of water
    Water is key to hiking anytime of year in Sedona, but it’s critical in the summer months! Dehydration can happen quickly in our high desert climate. Never take a chance, bring plenty of water, and make sure to keep your dog hydrated too! The early morning hikes might seem cool and gentle, but don’t be fooled, make sure you and your pooch DRINK PLENTY OF WATER before, during and after your hike. Always bring extra as we all know sometimes our four legged friends spill as much as they drink! Often dogs will drink from a bottle or your hands, in my case I carry around a bowl that tucks into my hiking bag. Jasper enjoys it more that way and at least I know he is getting more of the water he needs.
  •  Limit your time hiking
    All of us that like to explore, love to hike, but you really need to limit your distance and time out on the trail. Remember, if you are hot, your dog is more than likely twice as hot.
  • Being Aware on the Trail
    Sedona is beautiful to hike, but you must keep some things in mind during the summer months. Be Aware on the Trail, not only for yourself but for your dog as well. While it is not common, it is possible to see a snake, and if you see it you know your super rocking dog sees it too. Staying on the trail will really slim your chances of seeing one, but stay aware. You know as well as I do, if it is something new to your dog they will want to investigate, another great reason to keep them leashed and under your control. I really don’t think they would enjoy an accidental walk into a cactus!
  • Always let others know where you are hiking
    Make sure to always let others know where you will be hiking, friend, family or even a hotel staff member. And make sure to bring a cell phone that is charged.
  • Summer hiking snacks
    Along with water I always bring along protein snacks or fruit for a hike. For me I bring nuts, seeds and grapes. For my buddy Jasper I like to bring along his dog food and a few treats. Did you know that they even make backpacks for dogs! I would not want to use one during a summer hike even in the early morning, but if you are out during a cooler time of year it would be a great idea. You will find a lot of helpful information on what to pack when hiking with your dog here /

 Above all else, just think before you hike. We hope this helps a little bit and remember please feel free to share your tips, suggestions and ideas.

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