Unique Tours with Sedona Photographer Susie Reed

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Unique Tours with Sedona Photographer Susie Reed

Are you interested in walking in the footsteps of the ancients, enriching or learning new photo skills or discovering secrets of Sedona sacred sites? If you answered yes, then you will definitely want to check out the tours offered by one of our favorite Sedona photographers Susie Reed!

Acclaimed fine art and commercial photographer Susie Reed who has over 30 years experience behind the camera, is now offering you a chance to experience Sedona like never before with private Sedona Photo Tours and Rock Art and Ancient Site Tours. These tours offer you a unique personalized experience with Susie as she shares her knowledge of photography and ancient dwellings and rock art treasures.

Sedona Photo Tours
These specialized tours offer you the opportunity to improve your photography while exploring the beauty of Sedona. Susie will share photo tips, answers questions and more on tours custom tailored to the interests and skill levels of participants. Photographers are sure to be inspired by beautiful, off the beaten path locations and useful information provided by Reed. Plenty of time will be made to take pictures, unlike most tours that just make brief stops. Nice light is often found around sunset on these tours.

  • Sedona Scenic Photo Tour
    Photo opportunities abound on this off road tour up the Mogollon Rim where photographers will have plenty of time to enjoy taking pictures of stunning views. They’ll be joined by award-winning photographer Susie Reed who can provide helpful photo tips, talk about making creative choices and explain such things as camera settings, how to achieve good composition, use a polarizing filter and more. Three and four hour photo tour packages are available.
  • Sedona Canyons & Spires Photo Tour
    Capture the beauty and magic of Sedona on this guided, colorful off road Jeep tour where you’ll have lots of time to shoot breathtaking landscapes, red rock spires, dramatic canyons and panoramic vistas. As part of this three or four hour package seasoned professional photographer and teacher Susie Reed will share helpful photo tips and assistance tailored to suit your photographic interests and needs.

Rock Art and Ancient Site Tours
See and learn about fascinating ancient dwellings and rock art treasures from expert Susie Reed who’ll share pictures and knowledge she’s gained from over 18 years photographing and researching pictographs, petroglyphs, archaeological and sacred sites in the American Southwest. Her curiosity and passion have led her to many colorful places, people and experiences, giving her unique insights and a deep understanding of her subject. Through her photos, wisdom and tours she sheds light upon the meaning, beauty, magic and value of ancient sites and rock art creations.

  • Sedona Ancient Site & Rock Art Tour
    Take an extraordinary off road Jeep tour to see spectacular rock art and amazing 700 year old Sinaguan Indian cliff dwellings with Susie who’ll start this fascinating adventure by sharing insightful information about rock art and archaeology she’s gained from more than eighteen years photographing and researching pictographs, petroglyphs and archaeological sites in the American Southwest.
  • Rock Art Tours
    See fascinating petroglyphs and pictographs first hand with Susie Reed, who’s enduring passion for the subject began in 1995. She’ll share astute, insightful observations about rock art and archaeology, show some remarkable photos and join you on a customized tour where you’ll feel like you’re visiting a wonderful outdoor museum filled with captivating, ancient creations. Please call or email for rock art tour options, rates and further information.
  • Archaeology, Horseback and BBQ Packages
    Enjoy rich glimpses of Verde Valley’s fascinating history with Susie at the M Diamond Horse Ranch where she’ll share insights she’s gained from nearly two decades of researching and photographing archaeological sites, pictographs and petroglyphs in Sedona and beyond. This package includes a cookout and/or horseback ride through scenic territory where ancients dwelled and left their marks. The 2-hour Back Country trail ride is recommended for this package. To see all horseback ride options visit the M Diamond Ranch. Rides and/or cookouts may also be added to certain rock art tours.

 To make reservations or for more information on these very special Sedona tours please visit Susie Reed Photos  or call 928.204.5856.



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