Verde Valley Archaeology Fair and Art Show this Weekend

Verde Valley Archaeology Center Presents
Verde Valley Archaeology Fair and American Indian Art Show
March 30th – 31st, 2013

If you are interested in archaeology and American Indian art you will not want to miss the Verde Valley Archaeology Fair and American Indian Art Show taking place this weekend at the Camp Verde Community Center and the Verde Valley Archaeology Center! The White Mountain Apache Crown Dancers will be performing on Saturday, March 30th at 11:00 am and at 2:00 pm and the White Mountain Apache Youth Dancers will perform on Sunday, March 31 at 11:00 am and at 2:00 pm! All of the events at the fair are free and open to the public!

Verde Valley Archaeology Fair
The Archaeology Fair is a two-day special event featuring educational and fun activities for all ages. The Fair features exhibits and demonstrations of archaeological techniques as well as prehistoric lifeways. Many organizations that are involved in prehistory or Native American history will have information booths. We will also feature archaeology-related vendors.


  • Pottery sherd identification
  • Stone tools
  • Excavation tools and techniques
  • Prehistoric Astronomy techniques
  • Rock Art methods and meanings
  • Yavapai-Apache Nation


  • 3/30/13 – In the Land of the Minotaur: The Palace of Knossos and the Minoan Civilization of Crete
    This program will explore the major Minoan sites in Crete, including several of the so-called palaces. A discussion of the art, architecture, and artifacts of the Minoans will be accompanied by numerous photographs taken by Dr. Bostwick during his recent tour of Crete.
  • 3/31/13 – Sacred Shadows of Time
    In 2005 a 12-month solar calendar was discovered at the V Bar V Heritage Site southeast of Sedona using rock art images and shadows cast by two boulders protruding from the cliff face. It is estimated that it was created in the 10th or 11th Century by the Sinagua Culture ofthe Verde Valley. The unanswered question was whether the boulders were natural features or manipulated by the Singua to enhance the effects. In 2011 an archaeological research permit was issued permitting 20 feet of scaffolding to be erected to closely examine the boulders. The discoveries were surprising and very revealing. This documentary captures this research and presents the amazing results.

Archaeology Fair American Indian Art Show
The Verde Valley Archaeology Fair recognizes the American Indian heritage of the Verde Valley with an annual invitational American Indian Art Show for American Indian artists from throughout Arizona and the Southwest. The event promotes greater public appreciation and understanding of Southwest American Indian artistry, encourages artistic achievement in a variety of media and establishes a stronger market for American Indian art.

The feature artist for this years fair will be Joshua Madalena. Nearly a thousand years of pottery knowledge held by the Jemez people and their ancestors was abandoned and lost over several generations in the early eighteenth century. That loss is being reversed today through the work of a Jemez potter, Joshua Madalena. Through his skill and experimentation, archaeologists and collectors can be transported back to experience the look and feel of vessels that have not been manufactured for nearly three centuries.

For more information please visit the Verde Valley Archaeology Fair.

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