Visit Lowell Observatory During Your Sedona Vacation

Lowell Observatory
“Day or night, adults and kids alike can explore the Universe”

Treat your family to an exploration of the Universe during your visit to Sedona, Arizona. Located only an hour away from the Inn of Sedona, the Lowell Observatory makes for an exciting day trip for your family.The Observatory was founded in 1894 by Percival Lowell and famous for the discovery of Pluto in 1930.

On your visit to the Lowell Observatory you will be able to peer through the telescope that Percival Lowell used to sketch Mars or visit the telescope that helped Clyde Tombaugh discover Pluto! And you will definitely want to make sure to check out their new exhibit Great Balls of Fire: Comets, Meteors, Asteroids!

Great Balls of Fire: Comets, Meteors, Asteroids
Saturday June 22, 2013 – Monday September 2, 2013
Lowell Observatory is proud to present “Great Balls of Fire: Comets, Asteroids, Meteors”! The threat of a catastrophic impact from an asteroid or comet is a staple of popular culture. If there was a dinosaur killer in Earth’s past, is there a human killer in our future? What are the chances and how do we assess the risks? For that matter, what are asteroids, comets, and meteorites, and where do they come from? With Great Balls of Fire: Comets, Asteroids, Meteors, Lowell Observatory will bring recent discoveries and cutting-edge planetary science to their visitors. For more information on this very special exhibit please visit Lowell Observatory Great Balls of Fire.

 More fun things to do at Lowell Observatory

  • Daytime guided tours
    • Mars Tour
      Explore Percival Lowell’s Alvan Clark refractor and their historic Rotunda Library.
    • Pluto Tour
      See the Pluto Discovery Telescope as well as their research facilities, old and new.
  • Solar Viewing
    Every day from 12:15 to 12:50 pm, view the Sun through a specially equipped solar telescope.
  • Evening at Lowell
    In the evening they will open up the telescopes (weather permitting) and view Saturn, the Moon, star clusters, and more, all with the assistance of their educators. Enjoy SlipherVision, their new immersive space theater.
  • To learn more please visit the Lowell Observatory

So what are you waiting for, the Lowell Observatory is a great way to introduce yourself and you family to the universe at a very reasonable price. General Admission – Adults: $12, Seniors, AAA, college students: $10, Ages 5–17: $5, Under 5: free.
Directions from the Best Western PLUS Inn of Sedona to Lowell Observatory

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