What’s Hot for 2015 with Chef Christopher Dobrowolski

Schoolhouse Journals January 2015

By Chef Christopher Dobrowolski

What will be hot for 2015?

Christopher DobrowolskiAs we head into a new year, restaurateurs are always chasing that question. Well, here’s what I have; from what I would like to believe, and what is already out there in “cyber world”.

For years people have been saying butter is sooo bad for you, but come to find out that not all fat is a bad thing. Organic butter is one of the best sources of good fat, and your body recognizes it, so it’s easier to digest and waaaay better for you then the giant science experiment called margarine. Also, while we are speaking of fat, I am positive over the next year we are going to see the prices of olive oil dropping through the floor as many new and exciting oils are really gaining popularity like avocado, coconut, flaxseed, etc. All these oils, in my opinion, are outstanding options when cooking because their flavors do not overpower the center of the plate item like olive oil can.

Let’s get it out of the way and chat briefly about the horrible “D” word… That’s right Diet. We all know someone that is still strictly gluten free, I’m not saying that’s a bad thing, but it has been proven time and again that it is OK to indulge every now and again, just don’t sit down and eat a loaf of white bread. If you are going to eat a little bit of gluten make sure you’re enjoying it in some of its other forms, like Worcestershire sauce or the chipotles, that way it won’t reset all your hard work. The other diet trend that is still raging is Paleo, not a bad thing either, but you don’t have to go crazy with it. Simply follow a no sugar or no carbohydrate diet and save yourself the frustration.

Last but not least: 2015 flavor profiles for food are still running strong from 2013! Umami, one of the 5 basic tastes representing savory, is still my all-time favorite. You can find strong umami in dry aged meats and fermented foods like black garlic, heirloom spinach and nice mushrooms. The other flavor profile I’m so excited about is pickling. O man I love a great pickle! But this is not just about a great pickled cucumber; it’s about the great acidic sour flavor that makes your mouth pucker. Sour flavor mashed with Umami is the taste that’s “where it’s at” for 2015.

Alright, that’s what I have so far for 2015. I’m going to leave you with a funny recipe to poke fun at some of my Paleo friends. 🙂

Organic Paleo Gluten Free BrowniesFirehouse


  • 1 Computer, Smart Phone or Communication Device


  • Contact “Firehouse Donuts” and order a dozen from Nisreen Diab
  •  Pick up and enjoy!!

 Have an amazing 2015 everyone!


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