Zuni Festival of Arts and Culture in Northern Arizona

Museum Of Northern Arizona
22nd Annual Zuni Festival of Arts and Culture

Mark your calendar for the 22nd Annual Zuni Festival of Arts and Culture taking place at the Museum of Northern Arizona on May 26th and 27th, 2012. The Museum of Northern Arizona is located in Flagstaff, Arizona and is only 45 minutes from our Sedona hotel. (See map below)

This is the 22nd year Zuni will gather at the Museum of Northern Arizona for the Zuni Festival of Arts and Culture, bringing with them cultural presentations, fine arts, music, and dances to explore A:shiwi philosophy, beliefs, worldviews, values, and current issues on the Zuni Indian Reservation. The festival is produced in partnership with the A:shiwi A:wan Museum and Heritage Center (AAMHC) in Zuni, New Mexico.

At the headwaters of the Little Colorado River, at what is now western New Mexico, amidst wide red mesas, golden buttes, pinyon/juniper forests, and an expansive blue sky lies the scenic valley homeland of the A:shiwi or Zuni. They are descendants of an ancient Puebloan people who have lived at the Zuni Village for thousands of years and call Ribbon Falls their place of origin, where they emerged from Mother Earth within the Grand Canyon and migrated across the Colorado Plateau.

Heritage Program Manager Anne Doyle says, “Today’s A:shiwi have managed to preserve their core beliefs and identity, while integrating useful parts of the outside world into their culture. They are often considered the most traditional of all of the Southwestern pueblo people.” Doyle continues, “The Zuni language is known as an isolate, which is indicative of their physical and cultural isolation. Their language bears no similarity to any other known language and may have been spoken by many Southwestern populations in the distant past.”

 Director Jim Enote says, “The A:shiwi A:wan Museum and Heritage Center emphasizes A:shiwi ways of knowing, while exploring other concepts of knowledge. The Zuni Festival provides an opportunity for the AAMHC to represent the Zuni people as a society that continues to define and influence the art, economy, and history of the Colorado Plateau. Practically everywhere you look around the region, you will see Zuni images, yet very few people know their connection to Zuni.”

 This event will give you tremendous insight on the wonderful Zuni people and their ancient culture. Some of the highlights of the festival are: Heritage Insight Presentations,The Zuni Emergence Migration Story, Zuni Agriculture and Ancient Agricultural Techniques, Zuni Art History, Archival Films and Photos,Traditional Dancers, The Zuni Pueblo Band and Zuni Artists and Demonstrators. For more information on this event please visit the Museum of Northern Arizona.

 Map from the Best Western PLUS Inn of Sedona to the Museum on Northern Arizona

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